Co- Parenting, the worst, most  heartbreaking, soul searching thing i’ve ever done. Giving up my Daughter for a day, an evening, a weekend crucifies me. It makes my heart ache, my head hurt and my days feel empty. That’s as honest as it gets. Continue reading “Co-parenting”


A man like no other

As Father’s Day fast approaches there is nobody I would rather have as my Dad. He is incredibly kind, incredibly hardworking and incredibly loyal. Everyone thinks that their Dad is the best, I have no doubt in my mind that in my eyes mine certainly is.  Continue reading “A man like no other”

What P Wears… #4

I’ve had a little break from blogging due to many personal reasons, but i’m back and ready to share more of our life with you. I’m especially excited as now the weather is getting warmer to share P’s wardrobe. I love it, the key pieces in it and the shoes/sock combo. No more tights. Continue reading “What P Wears… #4”

Halloween Fun

There is nothing P loves more than being outdoors, so two weeks ago we went to Poplar Farm to pick our own pumpkins. As always the camera came too, as did our friends. There was a great selection to choose from and we came away with two huge pumpkins. We had lots of fun watching P & T trying to lift the heavy pumpkins. Continue reading “Halloween Fun”

What P Wears…#3

We’ve had a busy week, some very beautiful unexpected days, where the weather has been glorious. P’s loved those as it means lots of fun in the garden, playing with friends and her all time favourite riding her bike. We’re getting excited for Autumn and picking some pumpkins, P’s little face lights up the minute you mention them. Continue reading “What P Wears…#3”