Back through the archives.

Lifethroughrosieslens is new, new to me, blogging is new to me, but you’ve got to start somewhere. For nearly 3 years we’ve had a new little girl in our life, one whom has brought joy, fun and never ending laughter to ours and our friends and families lives.

P will be 3 on the 10th November, she is hilarious, the life and soul of the party. A clever little girl with a love for the outdoors, dancing and her little best friends. She’s the person I spend most of my time with and I never bore of her. She’s witty, got an attitude that would rival any teenager, but most of all she’s the one that’s made us a family.

Our first photoshoot

Above, is the start of my photography obsession, the images above take pride of place in our home and were taken by Heather Green ( a fabulous photographer from our local area, who has gone on to take many gorgeous photographs of P. I always find P’s photographs captivating, she’s a natural for the camera.

I hope to look back on my blog and remember our life together fondly. That way those memories never falter and you remember them forever.


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