What P Wears…#1

P’s wardrobe can only be described as bulging. Girly, floral and yummy dresses adorn her wardrobe pole, my wardrobe and D’s wardrobe. It’s a running joke with my friends, P only wears dresses, dresses and socks or dresses and tights. I don’t particularly like leggings/jeans/shorts.

I like dressing her everyday like she’s going somewhere special, and why not? Soon she’ll be deciding for herself. We don’t have clothes for best, I don’t see the point. Clothes are for wearing, as we all know they aren’t cheap.

Below is a week of her outfits.

This dress is from Mothercare, I loved it from the moment my Mum bought it for her a couple of months ago. They have some lovely affordable pieces in.

This dress is either loved or hated. We have had mixed opinions but we love it and that’s the main thing. The colours make you look twice and P loves that. It’s handmade which I love, all the fabrics are upcycled. You can buy from here; My Sister Mabel.


This little dress is a 2014 Mamas and Papas dress, they do the most amazing dresses with great details and easy to wear. My friends say that this dress is too lovely for preschool but as I said before I like to get my wear.


This little pinafore is Marnie Maurri fabric that I bought from Spoonflower. It’s stunning in the flesh. I had it made locally by Perrie Pear. She makes fabulous dresses for little girls in unusual fabrics. Tractors/trains/space you name it she’ll find it.

The last dress of what P wears is this beautiful nautical handmade dress made by my sister in law Rachel, it’s lovely and easy to wear and the style of the dress means it’ll fit next year too. Paired here with a Primark cardigan that was £2.50. Handmade is something we love, it gives clothes that little bit of wow because nobody else will have the same one.


I’m hoping to do a what P wears most weeks, with Autumn/Winter coming we’ve got lots of delicious things to share. My advice for clothes would be to sign up to newsletters from your favourite websites as they regularly send coupons/vouchers for you to use. Everyone loves a bargain. If I can share some of those with you, I will.

(All socks in photos are from older children section in Tesco. Shoes are from Startrite.)

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