Our September 2015

September has been a month filled with play centres, parks, friends and lots of laughter. We’ve met friends most weeks, rode bikes most days and enjoyed the last bits of good sunshine we think this year has to offer. P has started at pre school for 2 and a half day and she loves it, it’s been a change for both of us as we spend alot of time just the two of us. She’s made friends and loves coming home telling me all about them, the muddy, paint splattered clothes tell me she’s really enjoying herself which is nice. We have for the past 2 and half years done lots together, baby groups, singing groups, messy play. You name it, we’ve done it. P needed the interaction with other children away from Mummy and it’s been the best decision as a family we have made.

D and I got to go away for the weekend to Cartmel to a little country house with some clients D does some work for. My parents babysat for us. It was lovely, a murder mystery evening with a lovely dinner and great company. We had a lovely room and it really is nice to go away and spend quality time together.

We have really enjoyed spending time with our new Nephews/Cousins. Not quite sure what P makes of them yet as they are not able to play with her. They’ve brought a whole new dynamic to our life and will give us lots of fun and happy times.

Whilst D played golf, my friend and I went to the local Scarecrow Festival which kept P and our friends little boys T entertained. It rained but didn’t dampen our spirits. The effort everyone goes to is impressive.

As D works a lot of weekends it’s always lovely to get out as a family.We went for a walk round our local nature reserve all 3 of us, it was lovely. Lot’s of men fishing keeping P entertained and lots of stone skimming in the lake. It really is the little things in life.

Can’t quite believe September is over, excited for what October has to bring.

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