Halloween Fun

There is nothing P loves more than being outdoors, so two weeks ago we went to Poplar Farm to pick our own pumpkins. As always the camera came too, as did our friends. There was a great selection to choose from and we came away with two huge pumpkins. We had lots of fun watching P & T trying to lift the heavy pumpkins. I’d recommend anyone to hunt out a pumpkin farm. We got given a wheelbarrow which the children loved riding in and there was the little pumpkin alley sign which made for a great photo opportunity.

We are planning on carving the pumpkins this evening, so as we had a free afternoon we’ve been out taking some fun photos with a very silly pumpkin costume. Pumpkins make the perfect props to sit on. P loved it.

Can’t wait to show you all the professional photographs we had done and our carved pumpkins, really excited for some mess and creative ideas. P’s already specified she wants an Olaf, I’m going to persuade her a normal funny face is better.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. Aww those are such cute photos! We found a pumpkin farm for the first time this year and I loved it – so much fun for the little ones and the perfect place for some family photos!

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