The Baby/Toddler Group Mummy

I am the baby/toddler group Mummy. The Mummy that regularly attends baby/toddler groups. The Mummy who sources new baby groups and actually the Mummy that really enjoys them. I have seen P flourish in new surroundings, enjoy different crafts, toys, songs. Originally, I went to baby/toddler groups so that P could interact with other children and adults and experience different things. I can honestly say they have kept me sane, given both of us something to look forward to and given us without doubt something money can’t buy.

Not only has P made her own friends, I have myself made fantastic friends that really are worth their weight in gold. Non of my friends pre P had children, they still don’t. I had to do something about that, as a stay at home Mummy I knew I had to get out and make some friends who we could socialise with when my other friends are working. Each and everyone of us are from different walks of life, teacher, hairdresser, PCSO. We’ve all said how we never imagined we’d all be this good of friends, but my how I’m glad we are.

They are the friends I have turned to when at two, P stopped sleeping through and I couldn’t find a solution. They are the friends I turn to when I need someone to collect P from pre school at short notice. They are the friends that make you realise you are not alone, being a Mummy is hard, there is no manual, everyone parents differently. They are the friends that will give you the encouragement and words of wisdom you need.

I urge every single one of you reading this blog to find the local baby groups in your area. They are not all cliquey, that one lady sat cradling her baby probably just wants you to talk to her as much as you want someone to talk to you. I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done, I’m glad that the girls I’ve met plucked up the courage to go. They’ve made mine and P’s journey incredible and I’m forever thankful.


7 thoughts on “The Baby/Toddler Group Mummy

  1. OH lovely post hunny and photos are amazing. I agree not all mommy groups are cliquey! I have had some that met great friends through groups that I rely so much now. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Would love to see you again for another great round. Remember you can link up old or new, up to two posts each week just make sure it’s the url to the post you want comments on not your homepage darling. πŸ™‚ #sharewithme

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  2. I did a lot of baby groups with Mads and made a nice group of friends, but didn’t do any with LL, and now Mads is at school and I have another one on the way (while most of the friends I made are back at work at least part time and on separate days to the days I work) I am definitely thinking I will do more with the new baby to make some new friends. a lovely post. x


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