A man like no other

As Father’s Day fast approaches there is nobody I would rather have as my Dad. He is incredibly kind, incredibly hardworking and incredibly loyal. Everyone thinks that their Dad is the best, I have no doubt in my mind that in my eyes mine certainly is. My Dad loves me no matter what, my Dad cares about my feelings, cares about my Daughter and cares about my Mum and loves his own Mum, my Grandma more than ever. There are many words i’ve heard used to describe a Dad. Hero, legend, lifeline, best friend, rock. My Dad is real, he’ll give an honest answer, he’ll take the mickey and he’ll kick your ass if you’re in the wrong.

Dad and I

P absolutely adores him, he’s her kind of fun. He loves being outdoors, he has a ride on mower and he makes a mean swing. Their relationship mirrors ours as I grew up. Supportive of my time to be on stage and shine and then eventually going every week to sing/dance/act for the local school. We have a bond like know other, I love him more than anything. He is patient with P, fun with P and proud of her, like he is of my sister and I.

My Dad is without doubt his Father’s son. My Grandad always promised to do anything he could for his 3 children and 2 Granddaughters. Sadly, his life was cut short but what he left behind is an amazing legacy. 3 incredible sons, one of which I’m proud to call my Dad, a man who promises to do everything for us, like his Father did for him. For that i’m eternally grateful.

He may be an amazing bricklayer, house builder, flagger but the job he’s best at is being our Dad!






7 thoughts on “A man like no other

  1. What a lovely post and this made me feel really emotional. Your dad sounds amazing and I hope he gets to read the lovely things you have said about him. x


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